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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2023

We would like to wish you and your family a Merry Xmas in 2022. Its been a fantastic year and your continued support is truly appreciated. It is in this spirit we say thank you and best wishes for holidays and in a New Year in 2023.

We see All-in-one system differently

Something just feel right

A.      9.7” EstiLO( 1024 x 768, 4: 3 ratio)

---100% aluminum housing, Fan-less

---for hospitality and office Kiosk

B.      9.7”/15” Talisma( 1024 x 768, 4: 3 ratio)

---100% aluminum housing, Fan-less

      ---for industry and integrate mounting

C. 15.6” Amplitud ( 1366 x 768, 16:9 ratio)

---J1900/J4125/J6412/i5-4200U/i5-6200U CPU

---Wide screen for POS/restaurant/kiosk…

Peripherals. New & best-seller

Thermal Receipt printers

We have a full thermal receipt printers at our lines, 

which includes 2”/3” upper-printing to front-printing 

models from cost effective to high performance.

QM3    Compact and cube, 300mm/s speed, front-printing,

        CP-Q5  stylish, 300mm/s speed, upper printing

CP-Q1  260mm/s speed, upper printing, it can be    

U + R + LAN ( CP-Q1T),Or U + LAN ( CP-Q1UN).

Barcode Label printers

We more focus on the commercial barcode label printers, 

which are affordable & durability. Thermal direct models and 

thermal transfer/direct models are available.

        [ Thermal direct]

2ӈ DP-2412B ( USB + LAN)

4ӈ DP-6422B ( USB + Bluetooth)

[ Thermal transfer/direct]

4ӈ DP-4432B ( USB + LAN + RS232)

        4”à DP-3422B ( USB + LAN)

2D/1D barcode scanner

    SR4 handheld wired 2D/1D barcode scanner, USB stylish.

    BS-011 handheld wired 2D/1D barcode scanner, USB.


Mobile.Anywhere, you can

Payment terminal

MU80   5.5” Handheld payment terminal

Mobile printers

M3-LV   3” thermal label/receipt printer

BM-iC3  3” thermal receipt printer

10.1 Tablet and others

P8100P  10.1” tablet, Android

Birch Gitex 2022 invitation---how Barcode and POS evolve in exciting way


How are u ?

l  Gitex 2022: Among many tech-powered revolutions and future-forward thinking. Step in. An unimaginable new world awaits.

We sincerely invite you to join our latest event and check WHAT’S NEW now

Customization Meeting --Gitex 2022

 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times;

See how Barcode and POS evolve in exciting way.

Rebuild relationship between business and consumerscreate new shopping experience,  and to fit new retail demand

l  Sheree at linkedin

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Using tablet and handy terminal to do the flexible deployment


Using tablet and handy terminal to do the flexible deployment. -----We have found this new concept of the easy carry deployment has been popular used in the cashier, the warehouse, ordering, queue .... Via the functional tablets, you don't need the cashier pos, ordering terminal, data collector or...PDA


Reference info 

1. Attached you will find the example demo photos in Taiwan, People use the tablet as the #order terminal.

To have the scanner is also needed. The clerks can scan the coupon shown on the cell phones.

2, In convenience store and #retail stores here, the clerks now use tablet to do #inventory check, not the conventional data collectors

3. #KFC and #MacDonald now prefer to open small shop with less tables inside. I believe the demand of big conventional POS in the cashier will become less. To use tablet and have wireless connections with other peripherals are the best way for flexible deployment.



All in one handy solution (M-POS)

1. To compare with traditional desk top cashier package, MU80 is easy affordable

2. MU80 is one whole package , that included the system, the touch screen, the card reader, ( contact/ contactless and MSR) ,receipt printer and camera

With the complete options included inside, MU80 can support extensively applications

Demo : 

MIO combo device

(scanner+ receipt printer )

Use the peripheral budget  and create your own whole solution

1, People use his own cell phone. Your tech loading is small.

2, For your info, the cell phone performance is much great than all kind of handy terminals or tablets.

You don't need to worry the performance issue

3, To compare with all in one tablets,   this solution (mio + his cell phone) is more flexible in budget and the package

Demo :

The BD-1510U:1D/2D wireless scanner , Available

[What is new in 2021 !!]

The BD-1510U:1D/2D wireless scanner , Available

  • Bluetooth and RD , dual wireless technology


Click and Get the product info -BD1510

summary of Android platform-DP-F3

Check and Download the latest marketing summary of Android platform-DP-F3


* What Business changes by COVID 19

* What influence in you

* What solution we have

* DP-F3 platform introduction

* Q&A